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Clark Fork Soccer Alliance is an organized youth soccer group which includes clubs in Plains, St. Regis, Superior, Thompson Falls, and Hot Springs, Montana. Our clubs serve kids ages 4-18 years old. We offer soccer in the fall and spring and futsol in the winter, organized by a volunteer board, coaches and officials.


To make soccer available to all who are interested and to grow youth and adult soccer skills, character, and health through soccer in the communities we serve.  


To become the premier sports club in Sanders and Mineral Counties, with unwavering focus on development of all members and building a robust soccer culture in our community.


Currently we serve Sanders and Mineral Counties, Montana.  This includes the towns of Plains, Thompson Falls, Superior, St Regis, and Hot Springs, but our club is open to players from any nearby area willing to travel to club activities.  Although Plains is the most geographically central, and has had the highest participation, the desire to make soccer available to all in the area opens many possibilities for shared events in surrounding areas.


Development, we seek to grow and develop each individual involved in the club to their maximum potential through soccer.


  1. Youth: To develop youth soccer skill, character, achievement, physical and mental health, teamwork, and knowledge of the game through a fun, learning based approach to soccer practices and games

  2. Adults: To increase awareness of, appreciation of, and involvement in soccer 

  3. Community: to develop and grow a robust soccer culture in the communities we serve

  4. To integrate leadership opportunities within our soccer for youth and adults 

  5. To offer opportunities for more advanced and adult/collegiate/professional soccer beyond our club


1. Sportsmanship

  • We will play our style of soccer, regardless of the play of our opponents or the refereeing

  • Positive sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, families, and fans at all club activities

  • Teams will play clearly within the rules of the game.  A more thorough understanding of the rules will assist this objective

  • We will teach how to both win and lose graciously

  • Players are expected to exhibit a high degree of concern for the well-being of their teammates, their opponents, the referees, and their club

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is never acceptable, and the club has a strong expectation that players will be disciplined in games by referees for such behavior.  Coaches will take additional actions if these behaviors occur to avoid future incidents or if incidents occur at other activities such as practices.

2. Character 

  • Expect players to participate to best of their ability and at maximum effort in all activities 

  • All players, members, coaches, teams, families, and fans will support team success to the best of their abilities

  • Board, coach, and parent behaviors will set the example for players

  • Players and families should understand age-specific expectations described in our skill matrix and coaches should implement the expectations and skills matrix to the extent possible.  This would help with acceptance of player’s team roles, playing time, and positions.

3. Achievement

  • Provide opportunities for knowledge of wins/losses, season standings/seeding, and tournament play at an age appropriate level – especially as age increases

  • Use statistic-keeping as an incentive for individual improvement

  • Provide weekly, monthly, seasonal, and career milestones to display achievement

  • Coaches and families should encourage and praise personal hard work, individual skills development, regular exercise, and healthy eating as a route to developing players as individuals

4. Health

  • Build physical stamina in practices to a point equal to or moderately above the demands of a game

  • Coaches and families should encourage and expect players to work hard physically to support the entire team 

  • Challenge players physically to develop speed, stamina, and strength

  • Encourage and expect players to promote an attitude of achievement and positivity towards themselves and their teammates.

5. Teamwork

  • Our coaches will teach in a manner that focus on success as a result of the highest levels of teamwork, in additional to individual achievement on the field. 

  • Families and fans should help provide an environment that promotes teamwork

  • We seek to integrate players of a wide variety of skill levels into an effective and supportive team units and avoid teams which rely on 1-2 players.

  • The club, coaches, families, and players should have a clear understanding of how playing time is allocated for a given team at a given age-level.

6. Knowledge

  • Develop players who understand the international rules of the game and their application in our league

  • Strive for mastery of technical skills, tactical decision-making, strategic problem-solving, and creative ideas in soccer 

  • Players should experience all of the positions in the game through their U-6 to U-19 career

7. Enjoyment

  • We will embrace the concept that Learning + Play = Fun

  • Use positive reinforcement, personal and team achievement, and success as a primary motivator

  • Design practices to include more ball-touches, more tactical decision-making, creative ideas and strategic problem-solving whenever possible

8. Development – The club will work cooperatively with parents and families for the benefit of each player

  • The club technical committee, coach and parents/families are all involved in decisions of the age-group of a player’s participation.  

  • Parents/families should respect club experience, authority, and knowledge about player development, soccer skills, and safety.

  • The club will respect parental/family authority concerning their child’s well being

9. Soccer Culture – The club will work to build a community appreciation of soccer through:

  • Train families and fans in spectator etiquette and rules of the game

  • Increase club advertising in the communities served

  • Improve linkages between our local club and larger clubs, collegiate, amateur, and professional teams

  • Involving families and community members in soccer-related activities when possible

  • Promoting positive behaviors and immediately curbing negative behaviors (e.g. referee or player harassment) 

  • Seek to involve club alumni in club programming when possible

10. Leadership

  • Youth: Provide opportunities to serve as a captain, assistant coach, and referee 

  • Adults: Provide opportunities for Board positions, coaching, refereeing, and volunteer positions

11. Into the Future

  • The club will develop and continually refresh player, coach, and referee development pathway from novice to experienced participant that allows the committed member the opportunity to progress beyond our club.

  • For players, this process is done at a considerable subsidization of programming and education despite player participation-fees. Solidarity payments (authorized and defined by FIFA) can sought by the club as applicable.  

  • Knowledge of the following will be made available to all players and families.  The club will encourage certain players to seek certain opportunities as appropriate. 

    • Montana Development Program 

    • Travel teams in larger cities (e.g. Missoula Strikers)

    • College camps and Identification clinics

    • International opportunities

    • Professional opportunities 

  • Coaches are encouraged and will be supported to obtain advanced certifications and development opportunities in other areas

  • Referees are encouraged and will be supported to obtain higher level certifications and to seek referee opportunities beyond the club

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