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Abuse Prevention

Montana Youth Soccer upholds the highest standards for participant safety by ensuring all adults engaged in MYSA registered and affiliated programs comply with the most rigorous standards for background checks and abuse training. Learn More

In order to ensure that our youth can enjoy the game in a healthy environment, every adult who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to children must complete the following through GotSport:

  • A comprehensive background check and screening process; and

  • A certified abuse prevention training course and an annual refresher course.

The Montana Youth Athlete and Participant Safety Policy, also located on the Montana Youth Soccer website gives direction on the Safe Sport Act, which is aimed at protecting amateur athletes from sexual abuse. 

The Law has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Any adult interacting with amateur athletes (any child or minor involved in sports under the age of 18) in the program has a duty to report abuse and or suspected abuse within a 24-hour period. EVERY adult is a mandatory reporter.

  2. The statute of limitations is extended for up to 10 years after a victim realizes he or she was abused. 

  3. Limits an athlete under the age of 18 from being alone with an adult who is not their parent. 

U.S. Soccer supports a culture of compliance, safety and respect. As part of this Safe Soccer  Framework, U.S. Soccer encourages open communication in which all participants feel comfortable reporting concerns, whether the concerns involve suspected abuse or any other  misconduct. Participants are encouraged to raise concerns to coaches,  referees, team administrators, and U.S. Soccer staff.


In addition, we encourage you to use the U.S. Soccer Integrity Hotline to report concerns to give us the opportunity to address concerns that may arise in the soccer landscape: 

or by calling (312) 528-7004 

Anonymous and Confidential Reporting

The identity of any individual submitting a report in good faith will be handled discreetly and  kept confidential to the fullest extent possible, unless doing so does not comply with applicable  law or prevents a full and effective investigation of the report. No direct fees or other cost is involved in making a report.

No-Retaliation Policy

Wildhorse Youth Soccer does not retaliate and does not tolerate retaliation against any individual for coming forward with a Good Faith allegation, or for participating in an investigation of such alleged misconduct. Regardless of the merits of the report made by a reporting individual, any U.S. Soccer organization member, employee, participant, player, coach referee, organization member, agent, vendor, sponsor, member or parent who retaliates against a reporting individual may be subject to disciplinary action.  In addition, U.S. Soccer reserves the right to report, an instance of retaliation to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.


Any individual who feels they have been retaliated against should immediately report such misconduct in the same manner as reporting any other type of misconduct.

Mechanism for Reporting

Reporting – a mechanism that allows a complaint to be easily reported for a  reasonable suspicion of Sexual or Physical abuse/neglect, within a 24 hour period of awareness. Federal regulations state that reports should be made to a) local law enforcement and b) local/state child protective services , c) US Soccer, and d) the US Center for SafeSport. EVERYONE is a MANDATORY REPORTER.


When physical or sexual abuse is suspected, everyone listed below MUST be contacted:
Local Law Enforcement: 406-827-3584
Local Child Protective Services Number: 406-382-3036
Child & Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (Montana DPHHS)
Child Abuse Hotline: 866-820-5427

Club Risk Manager: Nick Lawyer 406-274-3628;
State Risk Manager: Jeff Schoonover 406-565-2676;


National Governing Body (NGB)
US Soccer Integrity Hotline Number – (312) 528‐7004
US Soccer
US Center for SafeSport –

Learn about the Safe Sport Act of 2017

Learn about Abuse Prevention Training Programs Requirements, Policies and Procedures

Learn about U.S. Soccer's Safe Soccer Framework

Learn more about Montana Youth Soccer Risk Management


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