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We are always looking for new referees age 13 and above.  We invite you to learn about the game of soccer and how to officiate a soccer game.  Our program uses a developmental pathway for referees to help improve their skills while gaining experience.  We utilize a mentorship program with graded introduction into the referee role with regular feedback and support.  Refereeing is a great opportunity to help create an environment where every player has the right to develop and compete in a fair, fun and safe environment. 



Complete registration with USSF and signup for our course here:

This course requires a background check ($30) and completion of online and in-person training ($45)  There is scholarship funding available for the first 10 referees to sign up.

There are many New Referee class held across Montana, our next class is To Be Determined.

Once you complete your online learning you will be able to register for a class.   There are other classes throughout the state, others may be added. 


Candidates should bring to the classroom session the following items: 

  • Something to write with and on

  • A mobile device like a cell phone, laptop or tablet for activities.

  • A device with the current laws of the game  (LOTG) which can be downloaded from the IFAB or from your online session under the resources tab.  A printed version would also work. 

  • There are also mobile apps on the Law of the Game for android and iOS (doesn't work on all phones).


Candidates should bring to the field session the following items: 

  • Clothing appropriate to run around, play soccer, and be comfortable based on the weather

  •  Any referee gear already purchased or available – whistle and/or flags.


Course Details

  • The cost of the course is $45 plus a transaction fee

  • If you are 18 years of age or older there is a mandatory US Soccer NCSI background check.

  • All assignments must be completed to be certified as a grassroots referee.


For questions please contact Nick Lawyer (Wildhorse Youth Soccer Association President) or Justin Harcrow (Instructor) or Jack Dockery (Montana State Referee Committee)



Advice for New Referee


Montana Referee Course List


Rules of the Game

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Getting Paid from Montana Youth Soccer




Laws of the Game

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