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Fall 2023 Field Map.png
Street Level Field Map south entrance.png

Tournament Format: Round Robin

  • Everyone plays everyone! 

  • More (but shorter) games! 

  • U10 games will be 20 minutes with no half time.

  • U13 games will be 30 minutes with 5 minute half times. 


2 fields for U10 and U13

Win = 3 Points

Tie = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

Best Point Total Wins & 2 Best Teams play in the Championship Game


1. Head-to-Head Record: the winner of the head-to-head game involving the tied game.

2. Goal Differential: Goals scored minus goals allowed (up to a max of 3)

3. Goals Scored: Total goals scored (up to a max of 3)

4. Goals Allowed: Total Goals allowed (up to a max of 3)

5. If two teams are still tied after applying the tiebreaker system, FIFA "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" rules will apply in order to determine the winner. 

CLICK HERE for more tournament play details! 

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